Actor Stipend Policy

(effective January 2014)

The minimum stipend offered to performers and technical crew who are required during performance is based on the end total paid box office attendance (not including comps) of regularly scheduled performances. This does not include auxiliary performances such as Senior Night or Pay-What-You-Want which are considered part of the rehearsal process.

The following represent total stipend available per production (NOT per performance).

The figures are based on 112 seats.

Level 1: $50 – up to 74%

Level 2: $75 – 75% to 100%

As an example, if you are cast in a show and by the production's end total attendance was 71%, each performer would be entitled to a $50 stipend.

To qualify, individuals must be present to participate in all initially schedules performances. Should they be unable to fulfill that obligation, and a replacement is used for one or more performances, the fee is to be divided equally between them.

To qualify, individuals may not be receiving any additional production compensation. If they are applicable for any other compensation, they will only qualify for whichever is greater.

Added performances will be compensated at an additional 15% per added performance. (Ex. Level 1 would be an additional $7.50 per added performance, Level 2 – $11.25).

Substitute performances for canceled performance dates do not qualify as added performances. As always such dates need to be acceptable to all required personnel.

The stipend for musicians is $50 per performance, plus three rehearsals. Musical Directors and/or Rehearsal Accompanists receive an additional amount for their extra time. Designers receive a flat fee depending on complexity of design.