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"A Musical That Will Lift Your Spirits"

By Mary Hembree, The Town Tribune


[title of show] glows from start to finish with clever and irreverent  songs finely calibrated by an exquisite cast that never misses a beat, literally!

With music and lyrics by Jeff Bowen and the book by Hunter Bell, [title of show] chronicles their own creation for an entry into the New York Musical Theater Festival and the subsequent struggles they have with the show's production Off Broadway, eventually bringing it to the stage of the Lyceum Theater on Broadway. Joined by their two talented lady friends, Susan and Heidi, they engage in a three week marathon of writing to meet the Festival deadline.

The cast is invigorating, fresh and spirited. With Michael L'Altrella as Jeff, Rob Bassett as Hunter, Carey Van Hollen as Susan and Ashley McLeod as Heidi, 
they all give top-of-the mark professional performances in exuberant style. They are ably assisted by Steven Oliveri the richly talented musical director of this show who also plays Larry, their on stage accompanist. A special tip of the hat to Ashley McLeod who does a superb rendition of "A Way Back to Then."

Under the keen direction of Alicia Dempster, the show moves at the smooth pace it should and ninety minutes seem to fly by. The set is minimal, and lets your imagination take over -- aided by clever voice mail messages and special instructions in the Playbill.

[title of show] is a jammed packed, talented musical that will lift your spirits and your hands in thunderous applause. Don't miss it! 

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