Actor Auditions


Directed by Viv Berger

AUDITION DATES: SUNDAY, DECEMBER 15th from 7PM to 9PM & MONDAY DECEMBER 16th from 6PM to 9PM at TheatreWorks New Milford.

Auditions may also be arranged at other times by writing to the director at: VIV.BERGER@VISHAY.COM


Marianne (Mary) 20+ up to any age
Marianne is a Cosmologist. She studies the origins of the Universe. She may have a Glioblastoma tumor.

Roland 20+ up to any age
Roland is a professional beekeeper.

The play has no costume or scene changes. It is marked by a transition of time and space so that each scene indicates a change in the universe. The actors will therefore play many more than two characters as they populate these universes. Some of these scenes will be very intense and the actors should be prepared to portray some extreme emotions on stage. Primarily the play is a romantic comedy about love.

The auditions will call for readings from the actual play and no monolog is required.

Understanding some of the major issues in the script may well enhance your audition.

Quantum Physics:
Brian Greene TV series: “Elegant Universe”

Michio Kaku speaks about the Multiverse


Assisted Suicide:
Author Terry Pratchett talks about Assisted Suicide

Dignitas – Die with Dignity web site


The documentary “Vanishing of the Bees” is available to watch free on Amazon Prime


Fighting Glioblastoma by Dr. Christopher Duma, M.D. | TED Talk -

Glioblastoma Multiforme - Denis' Story