Janson Lalich

is thrilled to be working once again not only at TheatreWorks but also with director Bradford Blake. Since his last (and first) show with TheatreWorks two years ago (Sweeney Todd), Janson has gone off and spent two years at a brutal boot camp known as art college in Savannah, GA where he majors in media and performing arts and also appeared in the school's production of Bat Boy. He plans to move to New York after what seems will be another six years of college where he will become a mild-mannered actor by day, and a caped massage therapist by night. Got any questions? Direct them to his personal secretary, himself. He would like to thank Brad for giving him an excuse to come back above the bible belt for the summer, and especially thank his parents and sister for taking him in when he appeared in that basket at their doorstep so many years ago.


Character / Production

Rick Taylor Bay Boy The Musical

Mr. Dillon Bay Boy The Musical

Lorraine Bay Boy The Musical

Ensemble Sweeney Todd