Animal Farm

by George Orwell, adapted by Ian Wooldridge

directed by Kevin Sosbe

May 5,6 11,12,13 19,20,21 26,27 2017

George Orwell's satire on the perils of Stalinism has proved magnificently long-lived as a parable about totalitarianism anywhere and has given the world at least one immortal phrase: "Some are more equal than others." The animals on a farm drive out their master and take over and run the farm for themselves. The experiment is successful, except that someone has to take the deposed farmer's place. Leadership devolves upon the pigs, which are cleverer than the rest of the animals. Unfortunately, their character is not equal to their intelligence.



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Cast List

Old Major John Taylor


Napoleon Viv Berger


Squealer Sonnie Osborne


Snowball Alex Echevarria


Minimus Joan S. Wyner


Molly Isabella Watson


Clover Jocelyn Beard


Boxer Jeff Miller


Benjamin, a donkey Maxwell Diaz


Moses, a raven Terri Gatten


Story Teller / Young Animal Adele Burke


Farmer Jones / Pilkington Robert Pawlikowski


Young Animals James McGuinness


Young Animals Lucy McKay



Production Staff

Director and Scenic Design Kevin Sosbe

Choreographer Regina Sweeney

Stage Manager Beth Plotkin

Costumes Elizabeth Kaney, Denise James, MariBeth Winslow

Lighting Design Leif Smith

Scenic Painter Kate Moncuse

Set Construction Jim Hipp

Set Crew John Bolster, Frank Russo

Lighting & Sound Operator Steve Larson

The Revolution Choreography Kevin Sosbe

The Battle of The Cowshed Choreography Kevin Sosbe, Regina Sweeney

House Managers Mary Kimball, Christine Daley, Jill Pace

Photography Ghostlight Photography

Producer Christine Daley


Special Thanks

Westport Country Playhouse, Rich & Suzi Pettibone, Mary Kimball, FM97.3 WZBG Backstage with Johnny O


Set Design