Avenue Q

music & lyrics by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx
book by Jeff Whitty

directed by Bradford Blake / musical director Charles Smith

September 19,20 25,26,27,28 October 3,4,5 10,11,12 17,18 2014

Winner of the 2004 Tony "Triple Crown" for Best Musical, Best Score, and Best Book, Avenue Q is part flesh, part felt, and packed with heart. The show is a laugh-out-loud musical that tells the timeless story of a recent college grad named Princeton who moves into a shabby New York apartment all the way out on Avenue Q. He soon discovers that although the residents seem nice, it's clear that this is not your ordinary neighborhood, considering it's inhabited by both people and puppets. Together, Princeton and his new-found friends struggle to find jobs, dates, and their ever-elusive purpose in life. PARENTAL ADVISORY: Get a sitter. Full puppet nudity. Not fur the little ones.

Who is AVENUE Q appropriate for?
Adults love AVENUE Q, but they seem a little, er, fuzzy on whether it's appropriate for kids. We'll try to clear that up. AVENUE Q is great for teenagers because it's about real life. It may not be appropriate for young children because AVENUE Q addresses issues like sex, drinking, and surfing the web for porn. It's hard to say what exact age is right to see AVENUE Q - parents should use their discretion based on the maturity level of their children. But we promise you this - if you DO bring your teenagers to AVENUE Q, they'll think you're really cool.



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Cast List

Kate Monster Patricia McCarthy


Princeton / Rod Michael L'Altrella


Nicky / Trekkie / Boy Bear Jamison Daniels


Lucy / Girl Bear Carey Van Hollen


Gary Coleman Jasmin Love Barbosa


Christmas Eve Bo Mi Yim


Brian Glenn R. Couture



Production Staff

Director Bradford Blake

Musical Director Charles Smith

Puppet Instructor Roberto Ferreira

Stage Manager Kathy Bolster

Assistant Stage Managers Abby Hambidge, Maya Daley

Lighting Design Richard Pettibone, Scott Wyshynski

Running Crew Jessica Smith

Set Design Richard Pettibone, Glenn R. Couture

Builders Richard Pettibone, Scott Wyshynski, Jay Novicky, Glenn R. Couture, Brad Blake, Frank Russo, John Bolster, Sonnie Osborne

Scenic Painting Robyn Maitland, Carmen Fletcher, Glenn R. Couture

Costume Design Suzi Pettibone

Sound Design Tom Libonate

Video Design Zach Rosing Productions

House Managers Christine Daley, Jill Pace

Publicist Tom Libonate

Production PhotographyGhostlight Photography

Web Site printplusdesignllc.com

Producer Richard Pettibone



Conductor / Keyboard I Charles Smith

Keyboard IIVictor Perpetua

Reeds Ann Howell

Bass Charles Casimiro

Percussion Robert Kogut


Special Thanks

Dionne Miller Couture, John & Kathy Bolster, Russ Posthauer, Lori Larson, Peter Fragola, FM97.3 WZBG Backstage with Johnny O, Puppets by Swazzle


Set Design




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