Barefoot in the Park

by Neil Simon

directed by Tom Libonate

February 28, March 1 7,8,9 14,15,16 2014

In this classic, comedic romp, newlyweds Paul and Corie Bratter are proof positive that opposites attract. He's a straight-as-an-arrow lawyer; she's a free spirit. But they quickly discover married life is no paradise, having to endure a new apartment that's falling to pieces, surprise visits from Corie's overly protective mother, and the antics of their eccentric neighbor-in-the-attic, Velasco. Paul doesn't understand Corie's impulsiveness, while she wants him to be more spontaneous. Maybe running "barefoot in the park" would be a start? This Tony Award-winner went on to become iconic playwright Neil Simon's first and longest running theatrical hit when it premiered 50 years ago.



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Cast List

Corie Bratter Jessica Alex


Paul Bratter Daniel Willey


Corie's Mother, Mrs. Banks MJ Hartel


Victor Velasco Kevin Sosbe


Telephone Repair Man Jonathan Ross


Delivery Man Jeff Savage



Production Staff

Director Tom Libonate

Stage Manager Kathy Bolster

Assistant Stage Manager Abby Hambidge

Set Design Richard Pettibone, Tom Libonate

Scenic Painting & Props Glenn R Couture

Lighting Design Richard Pettibone, Scott Wyshynski

Costumes Susan Pettibone

Sound Design Tom Libonate

Running Crew John Bolster

Builders Scott Wyshynski, Richard Pettibone, Glenn R Couture, Dean Lapadula, Jay Novicky, Frank Russo, Sonnie Osborne, Robyn Maitland

House Managers Christine Daley, Jill Pace

Publicist Tom Libonate

Production PhotographyGhostlight Photography

Web Site printplusdesignllc com

Producers Glenn R Couture, Richard Pettibone


Special Thanks

The Sherman Playhouse, Norwalk High School, FM97.3 WZBG Backstage with Johnny O


Set Design


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