Bonnie & Clyde

by Adam Peck

directed by Joseph Russo

July 11,12 17,18,19 25,26,27 August 1,2 2014

Based on the true story, Bonnie & Clyde is an intimate re-telling of the final hours of two young people who stopped at nothing to realize their American dreams. Crossing the border of an unnamed state in a stolen Ford V-8 with a trunk of sawn-off shotguns and bootleg whiskey, Bonnie and Clyde have found one last place to hide. Time is ticking – they're on the run from the law and from reality, but which one will catch them first? With humor, desperation, and tenderness, these legendary outlaws are made human again, resolving their issues and getting their affairs in order. This critically-acclaimed play makes its East Coast premiere 80 years after the couple's final days.



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Cast List

Bonnie Marilyn Hart


Clyde Adam Stordy



Production Staff

Director Joseph Russo

Stage Manager Reesa Roccapriore

Lighting Design Richard Pettibone, Scott Wyshynski

Set & Costume Design Joseph Russo

Sound Design Joseph Russo, Tom Libonate

Builders Scott Wyshynski, Richard Pettibone, Glenn R. Couture, Bill Hughes, Joseph Russo, John Bolster

Scenic Decoupage Glenn R. Couture

House Managers Christine Daley, Jill Pace

Publicist Tom Libonate

Production Photography Ghostlight Photography

Web Site

Producers Richard Pettibone, Joseph Russo, Bill Hughes

Banjo accompaniment by John Bolster


Special Thanks

FM97.3 WZBG Backstage with Johnny O




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