Exit The King

by Eugene Ionesco

directed by Jane Farnol

September 17,18 24,25 October 1,2,3 8,9 2010

Nominated for four Tony Awards for its 2009 revival, Exit the King is a brilliant absurdist comedy-drama and an insightful tale of ego and mortality. King Berenger's kingdom is crumbling around him. Once, he ruled over an immense empire and commanded great armies, but now his kingdom has shrunk to the confines of his garden wall - even the royal washing machine has to be pawned. To make matters worse, His Majesty quickly learns that he will "die at the end of the play." Refusing to accept his end, he is attended by his present and former Queens who must help him face the final inevitable truth of life. "Exit the King will offer a welcome respite from real-life woes; others may find its tale topical, even cautionary...Ionesco's account of a ruler who squanders his time is well worth yours." - USA Today



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Cast List

The Guard John Fabiani


King Berenger The First Mark Feltch


Queen Marguerite Jude Callirgos Robinson


Juliette Paula Anderson


Queen Marie Susan Abrams


The Doctor Kyle Minor


Henchman One John Bolster


Henchman Two Ken Greiter



Production Staff

Director Jane Farnol

Ass’t to the Director/Stage Manager Sonnie Osborne

Costume Design Renee Purdy

Sound Design Tom Libonate

Lighting Design Scott Wyshynski, Rich Pettibone

Set Design Jane Farnol, Glenn R Couture

Scenic Artist Paula Digati Anderson

Builders Scott Wyshynski, Frank Russo, John Bolster, Rich Pettibone, Glenn Couture

Running Crew Dan Knowlton, David Martin

Publicity Jackie Saulnier, Christine Daley

Photography Richard Pettibone

Web Site Design www.printplusdesignllc.com

House Manager Jill Fay

Producer Glenn R Couture


Special Thanks

Brad Blake, Kay Abella, Frank Russo, Dave Anderson,
Charlie Feltch, Dan O'Neill, Norwalk High School


Set Design


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