The Irish Curse

by Martin Casella

directed by Robin Frome
executive producer Tillie Page Laird

March 2,3,9,10,16,17,18,23,24 2012

What "The Irish Curse" is - and how it manifests itself - is the raw centerpiece of this wicked, rollicking, and very funny new play. Size matters to a small group of Irish-American men who meet weekly in a Catholic church basement in New York City as part of a self-help group for guys who possess a certain anatomical "shortcoming." This alleged Irish trait is the focus of their weekly sessions as they all feel this "curse" has ruined their lives. THE IRISH CURSE is a revealing portrait of how men, and society, define masculinity, male identity, and the relationships men must face each and every day of their lives.



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Cast List

Stephen Fitzgerald Michael Wright


Joseph Flaherty Jonathan Ross


Father Kevin Shaunessy Glenn R. Couture


Rick Baldwin James Hipp


Keiran Reilly Charles Roth



Production Staff

Director Robin Frome

Assisstant Director Robyn Maitland

Executive Producer Tillie Page Laird

Set Design Glenn R. Couture

Lighting Design Richard Pettibone, Scott Wyshynski

Sound Design Thomas Libonate

Original Music Smiley and Mayer

Builders Scott Wyshynski, Rich Pettibone, Frank Russo, John Bolster, Jason Callahan, Bill Johns, Robyn Maitland, Sonnie Osborne, Jonathan Ross, Glenn R. Couture, Dan O'Neill, Robin & Will Frome

Running Crew John Bolster

Publicity Thomas Libonate

Photography Richard Pettibone

Web Site Design

House Manager Jill Fay


Special Thanks

Norwalk High School, Susan Pettibone


Set Design


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