Chris Bolster

a New Milford resident, is delighted to be making his first appearance on the TheatreWorks stage. The meandering path of his artistic education is checkered with expeditions, some bizarre, into the art of performance. He has worn a very fuzzy gryphon costume, and, as Romeo, he has ended three lives in two hours. He has irritated people with his guitar and horrified them with his banjo. He has acted Shakespeare to audiences of polite but very confused Koreans, and has briefly explored the art of modern interpretive dance, eventually deciding it was "not becoming for a gentleman." In such plays as West Side Story, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and most recently As You Like It, Chris has sung, fought, fenced, killed, died, danced, tap-danced, cross-dressed, and occasionally even acted. This performance marks his twenty-fifth year of publicly pretending to be someone he is not. Obviously, he owes everything to his parents, without whom he'd be naught.


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