Glenn R. Couture

is blessed to be working with such an incredible cast and crew and to finally play a role close to his real age of 32…Glenn serves as the President of the Board of Directors for TheatreWorks. He most recently appeared onstage as Lady Bracknell in Earnest or What's in a Name? He's co-directed the critically acclaimed The Great American Trailer Park Musical, Brighton Beach Memoirs and directed Season's Greetings solo. And he will be directing the upcoming TheatreWorks production of The Game's Afoot. In his spare time, he teaches physics at Norwalk High School. He has participated in numerous productions on- and off-stage. Thank you to Brad, Charles, the "ladies," the cast, and an awesome production team…Glenn would like to thank his wife, Dionne, for her continued support, love, and infinite understanding. He wouldn't be able to do half of what he does without her.


Character / Production

Brian Avenue Q

Sheriff Reynolds Bay Boy The Musical

Lady Bracknell Earnest or What's in a Name?

Evelyn Goode/ Twittely Ghost of a Chance

Man Holiday Memories

Ben Hecht Moonlight and Magnolias

Bob Crachit Mrs. Bob Cratchit's Wild Christmas Binge

Fred Present Laughter

Floyd The Fourth Wall

Father Kevin Shaunessy The Irish Curse

Tectonic – Stephen Belber, ‘Friend of Aaron Mckinney’, Stephen Mead Johnson, Bill McKinney, Rev. Fred Phelps, Mormon Home Teacher, Cal Rerucha, Jonas Slonaker The Laramie Project

Senator Fipp Urinetown The Musical