Season's Greetings

Alan Ayckbourn

directed by Glenn R. Couture

December 4,5,6 11,12,13 18,19,20 31, January 2,3 2010

It's just a typical English Christmas at Belinda and Neville's quaint country home...or is it? Neville has, once again, forgotten to buy his wife a gift. Uncle Harvey is glued to the TV watching a non-stop marathon of action films. Neville's friend Eddie and his wife Patti are practically at each others throats. Dr. Bernard is involved in an unintentionally hysterical rehearsal of his annual "gift" for the children - a sixteen-scene puppet show of The Three Little Pigs, while his wife Phyllis slowly gets sloshed on the cooking wine. All sounds pretty normal until Belinda's sister Rachel invites Clive to the home - a writer friend no one in the family knows - and then things really start to go awry. This uproarious and universal tale of Holiday dysfunctionality was penned by renowned playwright Alan Ayckbourn, often referred to as "The British Neil Simon."



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Cast List

Belinda Tracy Hurd


Neville Viv Berger


Phyllis Janice Connor


Bernard Philip Cook


Pattie Mikki Harkin


Eddie Tom Libonate


Rachel Alison Bernhardt


Clive Nicholas Pollifrone


Harvey Matt McQuail



Production Staff

Directed and Designed by Glenn R. Couture

Assistant DirectorRob Onorato

Stage Manager Alexis Ortiz

Costume Design Renee Purdy

Technical Director Scott Wyshynski

Lighting Design Richard Pettibone

Sound Design Tom Libonate

Builders Rich Pettibone, Scott Wyshynski, Frank Russo, John Bolster, Glenn Couture, Jon Ross

Running Crew Annie Smith


Web Site Design

House Manager Beth Bonnabeau, Jill Fay

Producer Richard Pettibone


Special Thanks

Jim Lones, Norwalk High School, Dionne Couture, Sonnie Osborne, Kristiana Osborne


Set Design


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