The Lyons

by Nicky Silver

directed by Matt Austin

February 20,21 26,27,28 March 6,7,8 13,14 2015

Set in an ordinary hospital room, Ben Lyons lies dying. Rita, his wife of forty years, flips through decorating magazines, planning a living room makeover. It's clear Ben and Rita have been at war for many years, and that Ben's impending demise has brought no relief. When they're joined by their children, Lisa and Curtis, all efforts at a pleasant visit or a sentimental goodbye are soon abandoned. Terrible secrets and vicious accusations replace sentimental memories. After Curtis's desperate attempt to make a new connection ends disastrously, each of THE LYONS take their first tentative steps toward making a new human connection in this intense and comedic tale.



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Cast List

Ben Bill Hughes


Rita Jody Bayer


Curtis Joe Russo


Lisa Courtney Lauria


Brian James Hipp


Nurse Beth Young



Production Staff

Director Matt Austin

Stage Manager Erin Shaugnessy

Costume Design Joe Russo, Bill Hughes

Lighting Design Richard Pettibone, Scott Wyshynski

Running Crew Jay Austin, Ressa Roccipriore

Set Design Bill Hughes, Matt Austin

Builders Richard Pettibone, Scott Wyshynski, Russ Posthauer, Jay Novicky, Bill Hughes, Malcolm Fano, Glenn R. Couture, Frank Russo, Matt Austin, John Bolster, Sonnie Osborne

Sound Design Tom Libonate

House Managers Mary Kimball, Kathy Bolster, Christine Daley, Jill Pace

Publicist Tom Libonate

Production Photography Ghostlight Photography

Web Site

Producers Richard Pettibone, Bill Hughes, Glenn R. Couture


Special Thanks

The Brookfield Theatre for the Arts, FM97.3 WZBG Backstage with Johnny O, Susan Twombly, Community Outreach Coordinator, New Milford Hospital, Geraldine Rosato


Set Design




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