'Souvenir' Is Perfection In New MilfordI urge anyone within driving, train or flying range of TheatreWorks New Milford to make every effort to see this play. You will be so, so happy you did.

A Theatre Review by Mary Hembree – Greg Chrzczon and Priscilla Squiers take us back in time in with stellar performances that rock the house with laughter and conclude in a 'gives me the chills' standing ovation.

Review - 'Souvenir' at TheatreWorks New Milford – Go experience this lovely work by Stephen Temperley that explores a very touching relationship and is also one of the funniest shows I have ever enjoyed.

'Souvenir' a production to remember – Five out of Five Stars

Celebrating the worst singer ever? Squires, who plays Jenkins in the TheatreWorks New Milford production of the show, said she brought pleasure to other people. And as word of Jenkins' terrible singing spread, so did herĀ fame.


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